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Chesham heritage



Chesham at Work in the 20th Century
by Keith Fletcher, Peter Hawkes and Lesley Perry
1st edition published 2008
ISBN 978-0-9554707-2-1
215 x 297mm softback with spine
64 pages colour + 2pp colour cover with flaps
A history of the main sectors of trade and manufacture that provided work and a livelihood for Chesham people through the 20th century. A celebration of Chesham’s industrial heritage, and a portrait of its workers and the many varied items that they produced in the town.


Pubs & Inns of Chesham & Villages
by Ray East, Keith Fletcher and Peter Hawkes
3rd edition published 2016
ISBN 978-0-9554707-4-5
215 x 297mm softback with spine
64 pages mono + 4pp colour cover
A fascinating guide to the historic public houses of Chesham and district, including more than twenty establishments that are still serving today. Featuring over 100 alehouses, inns, taverns and beer shops in the town centre and the surrounding Buckinghamshire villages.


The Church by the Woods – St George’s, Tylers Hill, near Chesham
by Sheila Hart and Neil Rees (140th anniversary booklet 1871–2011)
1st edition published 2011
ISBN 978-0-9554707-5-2
160 x 240mm softback
32 pages colour + 4pp colour cover
For the first time the story of St George’s - its building and congregation – is brought to life by newspaper reports, Miss Bangay‘s memoirs and the memories of villagers, vicars and veterans of its many organisations and groups. This booklet is richly illustrated with about 100 beautiful photographs from then and now.


Chairmaker’s Cottage to Chiltern Chapel – Lane End Methodist Church
by Betty Twitchen and Neil Rees
1st edition published 2012
ISBN 978 57557 338575849
148 x 210mm softback with spine
72 pages mono + 4pp colour cover
Over 200 years in the history of a Buckinghamshire village: Lane End, near High Wycombe. For the first time this booklet tells the story of over 200 years of Lane End Methodist Church from 1801 to today. The chapel was closed in 2008 but Lane End Methodist church still meets as a Christian fellowship at Holy Trinity Church.

Faith in Chesham & Villages
by Colin Cartwright, Peter Hawkes and Neil Rees
In progress
215 x 297mm softback with spine
A history of church and chapel folk in our town and villages over 1,000 years. The last person to be executed for reading the Bible in English was in Chesham in 1532. The town still has a strong non-conformist tradition with more diversity in religion than most comparable towns today.

Chesham in Living Memory
by Phil Cox, Ray East and Peter Hawkes 

1st edition published 2016

ISBN 978-0-9554707-7-6

215 x 297mm softback with spine
The age of the motor car. Find out how the town developed from the 1940s through to
the present day due to the demands of road building, modernisation of the shopping
centre and the unstoppable age of progress. Heavily illustrated with photographs
through the decades. An interesting focus on both architecture and motor vehicles.




Sixties Chesham Calendar
by Peter Hawkes 

published 2017

ISBN 978-0-9554707-1-4

14 pages with card back and acetate front
210 x 297mm softback with spiral binding
Chesham street scenes and car advertising from the late 1950s through to 1970. The Broadway, Broad Street, Market Square, Sunnyside Road, Germain Street, High Street, Waterside, Amersham Road, Town Bridge, Park Road. Classic cars such as the Standard Pennant, Morris Minor, Austin Seven, Hillman Minx, Ford Zephyr and Triumph Spitfire.